Praise for Last Year’s River

“Keenly felt and powerfully told . . . An action-packed ride of longing, betrayal, regret and redemption.”


“Closely observed, bright and eventful . . . Deserves a wide and admiring readership.”

Thomas McGuane
Gallatin Canyon

“A novel of Wyoming, with its wide-open cattle ranches, fierce prairie winds, and sweeping Maynard Dixon vistas. Yet, against this panoramic backdrop, what emerges is a rendering of smaller internal landscapes that are, in their way, no less grand.”

Los Angeles Times

“Remarkably beautiful . . . The sort of book you want to take your time with, savoring the atmosphere and enjoying the taste of the words themselves.”

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“A beautifully written, heart-tugging novel . . . The author’s Wyoming is ruggedly lovely.”


“Richly imagined characters, detailed naturalistic descriptions, and heartfelt portrayals of death and loss.”

Washington Post Book World

“The quiet space in which his characters…reside is what carves out a niche for this book that has formerly been occupied only by true literary greats.”

Barnes & Noble
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Praise for A Bloom of Bones

“Simply riveting. Always lyrical, often wise, filled with vitality, and the promise that love and loyalty can surmount the darkness in our lives. I couldn’t put it down.”

Mark Spragg
Where Rivers Change Direction

“A progressing love story and an unsolved murder—A Bloom of Bones is articulate, occasionally heartbreaking, and all the way fascinating.”

William Kittredge
Hole in the Sky
The Willow Field

“Jones rides … into the hard country populated by the best of Western writers.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Jones’s novel seems to have emerged from an older, more elemental world, a mythic, almost biblical place where it’s taken for granted that the sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons.”

Library Journal (Starred Review)

“This is an exquisitely crafted book, and one to be savored.”

Foreword Magazine

Praise for Sweeney on the Rocks

“Think ‘Goodfellas’ with a screenplay by Donald E. Westlake, set in the landscape of A River Runs through It—a unique and tasty treat for crime-fiction fans.”

Booklist (Starred Review)

“A terrific, stylish writer . . . Jones has written a smashing crime novel, adding to his perfectly pitched comic voice with nicely drawn characters and a strong sense of place.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A book as flawless as an authentic diamond could possibly be.”

Foreword Magazine

“Sweeney on the Rocks is the smartly-written, convincing, and often hilarious story of a New York mobster in the witness protection program who finds his past coming for him. I loved every page and was sorry when it ended.”

Mark Sullivan
Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Praise for A Quiet Place of Violence

“I know of no recent book that explores the hunter’s ethic with more probity, more satisfying anecdote, more visceral wisdom…”

Nick Lyons

“…a rich, complex work that deserves an enduring place on the bookshelf right next to Ortega y Gasset.”

E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

“…at once a joy to read and an important defense of the hunt.”
Stephen J. Bodio

Praise for Mumblecusser

“In these pages a boy has turned into a young man who’s turned into a father on his way toward dust. These poems make you stop and think at every turn—carefully built and a joy to read.”

Michael Earl Craig
Former Montana Poet Laureate

“From his family to the stars, from the cacophony of humanity to the quietude of water, he looks keenly, feels deeply, and renders his observations in smart, humorous, and heartfelt poems that celebrate this life in this place at this time.”

Mark Gibbons
Current Montana Poet Laureate